CNNMoney Switzerland

Who we are

CNNMoney Switzerland is a multi-platform content producer for linear broadcast and digital media focusing on finance, business, economy, culture and lifestyle.

Launched in January 2018, CNNMoney Switzerland is an independent and privately owned Swiss media company, and the only Swiss partner of the Turner/CNN Group brands and is part of the global network of the Turner/CNN Group. In 2020, CNNMoney Switzerland is extending its distribution to Germany, Austria, Italy and France.

CNNMoney Switzerlands team of Swiss and international journalists is based in Zurich and Geneva. With its studios in Zurich and Gland (Vaud) it produces high level video content, accesses CNN teams and studios around the world, appealing to an audience of decision-makers and thought leaders.

An Innovation and Business media

CNNMoney Switzerland positions itself as the innovation and business media, providing relevant coverage of the strong development of the start-up, tech, blockchain and venture capital scene, with sustainability and gender equality as key elements for digital savvy communities. CNNMS produces and broadcasts daily news content focusing on financial markets and business or, since March 2020, on the Coronavirus crisis.

Specialised formats, hosted by journalists expert in their field, are also produced on a weekly basis. Among the most renowned, On the Block, with Olivia Chang, decrypts the news of the blockchain. In The Global Agenda, the anchor takes advantage of her exclusive relationship with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to interview its experts and cover the main events of the international organization. As for Ana Maria Montero, she deals with the technological evolutions that are shaping our society in Tech Talk, and takes the time to interview famous people in The Newsmaker.

In the long-format show The Executive Talk, the renowned Haig Simonian, formerly of the Financial Times and The Economist, interviews leading figures in Switzerland and Europe, seeking their insights on the future of business, finance, innovation, and sustainability.

Where to watch Us

The channel broadcasts its programs free-to-air via cable and IPTV operators in Switzerland and other European countries, as well as on, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.