Christophe Rasch, from media to digital communication

“Media man” is an apt description of Christophe Rasch. We are using the word “media” here in the plural because, after working as a journalist and presenter of the morning news on RSR (RTS), Christophe Rasch became a news broadcast producer for the SSR. He was the only journalist in Switzerland to interview Steve Jobs (1995) in his Silicon Valley offices; at that time, he was US correspondent for the French language Swiss Radio and Television. As a media entrepreneur, he designed and went on to develop the first RTS video internet site for the SSR, followed by the La Télé television channel which has become the regional media as we know it today.  But this “media man” is not just interested in journalism. After running the Edipresse Group’s Business Development department for eight years, he also became an expert in strategy and communication. First with ProTV Ventures, his own company where he worked to revitalize La Télé, Nyon Région Télévision (NRTV) and also private businesses confronted with the challenges of digitization of their structures, such as Romandie Formation, the Centre Patronal, the COPTIS financial association and the Wilhelm Avocats law firm. Today, ProTV Ventures has become MediaGo, a company with a more specific focus on the new national and international broadcasting channels. Christophe Rasch has the ability to communicate his projects to people around him and the experts with whom he is associated all over Europe; he knows how to select the right profile to make his work teams more dynamic than ever before. MediaGo, a grouping of experts in many different fields, is ample proof of that fact.