Andrea Bras-Lopo

Assistant Editor-in-Chief at NRTV

With five years of experience at the heart of Nyon Région Télévision's editorial team, Andrea is now the face of the channel and deputy editor-in-chief. At ease in front of and behind the camera, her job is her favorite playground: On the one hand, as a photojournalist, on the other hand, as a host for different shows.

Both pugnacious and relaxed, she finds her uniqueness in her instinct with her style and tone. In every interview, she listens, ready to bounce back, insist, and never give up on getting the information. Willing, curious, and with a touch of irony, she is keen to put the human being at the center of all discussions.

Her academic career ended in 2018, with her RP at the Journalism and Media Training Center in Lausanne; and after receiving a Bachelor's degree in communication, human sciences, and marketing in Neuchâtel. Training completed by master courses in "Migration and Citizenship" and enriched by internships in different media.

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