Mediago at the forefront of digital communication

Our strength lies in the combination of skills and professions in the world of media, production, broadcasting, and digital marketing.

Passionate about their field of expertise, our team members remain close to the daily developments in our fields of activity to integrate them into our strategies.

Digital marketing, content production, and distribution are MediaGo's strengths

MediaGo was created in 2010 by Christophe Rasch. Passionate about media, he wanted to offer his expertise to brands to develop their business using digital media techniques.

Ten years later, MediaGo is 30 digital experts who offer a full range of services related to digital marketing, content production, and the organization of virtual events for the most influential Swiss and international brands.

A virtuous eco-system at the service of the economy

Concerned with training future leaders in the digital professions, our team regularly passes on its skills by leading sessions at various training institutes.
In association with the Centre Patronal and its "Romandie Formation" department, MediaGo created in 2016 the "MicroMBA" course in partnership with the company Management Boosters of Prof. Raphael Cohen.
In 2019, MediaGo partnered with Romandie Formation and the CREA Institute to launch a CAS HES in Digital & Content Marketing.
We also contribute to the training of apprentices thanks to the "training company" certification that was awarded to us by the authorities in 2018.

Our partners

Logo continuum
We work with Continuum to benefit from their knowledge of streaming and media management technologies.
Based in Geneva, Audiovisuel Concept is a family company active in the audiovisual field in Switzerland and throughout Europe.
dotCAST is a Swiss company specializing in online broadcast solutions for all types of projects and events.
Eurovision Services is our international partner for overseas productions. From production to distribution, they support our content offering for all digital platform needs.