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Michael Willimann

Chairman of the Board

Christophe Rasch

Member of the board

François Thiellet

Member of the board

Lluis Pallares

Member of the board

Board of Directors

Christophe Rasch

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Florent Adam

Chief Digital Officer / Chief Operation Officer

Pierre De Haldat

Chief Financial Officer

Department managers

Delia Collardi

Head of Sales & Production

Patrick Parquet

Associate Director MediaGo Partners

Kristina Kalz

Head of Social Media

Antoine Cochet

Head of Digital

Florian Cavaleri

Editor-in-chief - NRTV

Team Mediago

Natalia Hornes Pioli

Production planner

John Châtel

Senior Digital Project Manager

Marjorie Besson

Digital Project Manager

Nicolas Paoletti

Community Manager / Video Producer

Sonia Perta

Office Manager

Pamela Montagnier

Marketing Project Manager

Benjamin Lesquibille

Digital Project Manager

Benoit Schumacher

Digital Project Manager

Artur Mustafin

Digital Project Manager


Andrea Bras-Lopo

Assistant Editor-in-Chief at NRTV

Alexandre Caporal

PR Journalist

Rodion Boslhakov