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Yves-Claude Aubert

Chairman of the Board

Christophe Rasch

Board Member

François Thiellet

Board Member

Andreas Meili

Board Member

Management Committee

Christophe Rasch

Founder, Board Member and CEO,
CEO of CNNMoney Switzerland

Florent Adam

Chief Digital Officer / Chief Operation Officer

Antoine Offroy

Head of Sales & Marketing

Department Heads

Kristina Kalz

Head of Social Media

Antoine Cochet

Head of Digital

David Mas-Bertrand

Head of video content

MediaGo Team

Delia Collardi

Marketing Manager

John Châtel

Senior Digital Project Manager

Michel Croibier

Spécialiste Media Asset Management

Neil Gaeggeler

Senior Digital Video Producer

Pamela Montagnier

Marketing Project Manager

Marjorie Besson

Digital Project Manager

Thery Couturier

Digital Project Manager

Caroline Gawlas

Community Manager

Yannic Bartolozzi


Frédéric Perret

Project Manager


Florian Cavaleri

Editor in Chief

Greg Barnhill

Technical and Media Dissemination Manager

Andrea Bras-Lopo

PR Journalist

Isaac Rodriguez

Apprentice in Mediamatics

Joël Brunner

Trainee Journalist