MediaGo : the Group

MediaGo, content and digital marketing in our DNA

MediaGo was founded in 2010 on Christophe Rasch’s initiative. An expert and passionate about media, he wanted to offer brands the opportunity to use media techniques to grow their businesses.

A decade on, MediaGo now has 25 digital experts working for the biggest and best Swiss and international brands.

For MediaGo, innovating means progressing to become ever more useful.

Our DNA has been a blend of skills and professional craft in the media universe since 2008.

After setting up VAUD-FRIBOURG TV, the leading regional news broadcaster, we went on to innovate with CNNMONEY SWITZERLAND in a prestigious partnership with the WARNER MEDIA Group.

So we’re always up to date with the latest news on the business world, start-ups, blockchain, banks and lifestyle trends.

MediaGo: A virtuous ecosystem serving the economy.

By partnering with media groups and training organizations, we share values and contribute to the future of our region.

Media outlets

MediaGo is a shareholder in CNNMoney Switzerland. MediaGo worked in partnership in setting up the channel to build up the infrastructure and brand identity, and to rolling out the channel via digital outlets. MediaGo teams were responsible for rolling out the trend room, making it possible to analyse in real time the performance of the content disseminated on the various platforms.
MediaGo is a shareholder in La Télé, the leading licensed private channel in French-speaking Switzerland, covering the Vaud-Fribourg area with a daily TV audience of over 55,000 viewers, not to mention the countless viewers on web and mobile platforms. Christophe Rasch, MediaGo’s founder, was the driving force behind this project.
Together with the Communyon public association, held by the main local authorities in the Nyon district, MediaGo manages NRTV’s TV and digital media.


With Romandie Formation (Centre Patronal), MediaGo set up in 2016 the ‘MicroMBA’ training pathway in partnership with Prof. Raphael Cohen’s Management Boosters company.
In 2019 MediaGo linked up with Romandie Formation and the CREA institute to launch a University of Applied Sciences Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS-HES) in Digital & Content Marketing.


The Lake Geneva Media Center is marketed in partnership with Sàrl, which specialises in video production of sports events and news.
In 2019 MediaGo was most proud to join forces with Lausanne Hockey Club to forge a partnership founded on common values: performance, respect and training of young people.
The Fondation Solyna assists children who are victims of human trafficking, abuse or violence, offering them comprehensive care and support. MediaGo is therefore proud to support this foundation through digital services, making it possible to obtain vital donations.
MediaGo, in association with dinp, organizes collaborative innovation-based workshops. The aim is to bring out innovative concepts from in-house teams.